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Beaumont and Beyond: Preparing Global Leaders 2019-2024

This is an exciting time at Beaumont School. In January our Board of Directors completed a five-year strategic plan, mapping out an exciting future for our entire Beaumont family. Beaumont and Beyond: Preparing Global Leaders builds on our long legacy of educating women in the Ursuline tradition, supporting them as they fully become women of purpose. Our priorities focus on preparing them academically and spiritually to be change agents; advancing the legacy of Ursuline education through strong financial and enrollment plans; building the visibility of Beaumont students and faculty, but also of the amazing work of the 6,000 living alumnae; and stewarding this beautiful place we call Beaumont through a new master campus plan that prioritizes projects that support our student experience. The world needs leaders. The world needs women ready to lead. The world needs Beaumont.  

Download a PDF copy of the plan here