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Admissions FAQs

Entrance Exam

When is the Beaumont entrance exam?

The Beaumont Entrance Exam is for 8th-grade students.  We offer three entrance exam dates. Students may select any one of these three dates to take their exam but students may only take the exam at Beaumont once.  If a student scores in the 90th percentile and above, then they will receive a Presidential Scholarship. Students who score in the 80th percentile and above will earn a Merit Award.  The standard exam time begins at 9am and ends at noon.  The cost to take the exam is $20 and online registration is required.


What entrance exam does Beaumont offer?

Beaumont uses the High School Placement Test (HSPT). All testing materials will be provided. The test includes 5 subsections that count toward the national percentile ranking: Verbal Skills, Quantitative Skills, Reading, Mathematics and Language.  Beaumont offers an HSPT Prep class in the summer to help students learn about the test, take a practice test and build their confidence.

In addition, Beaumont will accept HSPT test scores taken at other testing sites and ISEE test scores. To be considered for merit scholarships, HSPT and ISEE scores from other testing sites must be received by Beaumont Admissions by November 30, 2021.

Do you offer a Parent Presentation during the exam?

Yes! Parent information sessions will be held on all exam dates. The information session will outline the application, tuition assistance, enrollment, and the next steps after the entrance exam.  

When do we find out the results of the entrance exam?

Students are emailed their results on average between 3-4 weeks after taking the entrance exam.

Do you offer accommodations for students during the Entrance Exam?

Yes - students with documented accommodation plans will receive the testing accommodations outlined in their plans.  Beaumont is offering extended time at the Entrance Exam on November 13, for students with a documented need for additional time when testing.  Register for that exam date here.

To ensure your daughter’s accommodations are met, please submit her accommodation plan via email to the Enrollment Office by Monday, October 25 -  

Tuition and Financial Aid & Scholarships

How much is tuition? Does it increase each year? 

Tuition for the 2021-2022 school year is $18,000. A non-refundable $500 deposit is due at the time of enrollment for new students.  While tuition has increased in years past, there is no set annual increase.

How do I apply for tuition assistance?

To be eligible for Beaumont tuition assistance awards, a FACTS Grant & Aid application must be completed.  Beaumont partners with FACTS, a tuition payment and aid portal, to collect tuition assistance applications.  FACTS evaluates a family’s tuition assistance application and Beaumont then uses a family’s FACTS determination to make award decisions.  Tuition assistance packages are awarded from a number of generous donor scholarship funds. 

The FACTS application has a $35 fee due at the time of submission.  The priority deadline for early tuition assistance decisions is November 15.  All applications completed after this date are reviewed on a rolling basis.  Visit the Beaumont FACTS application to apply.

For more information, visit Tuition & Affordability.

How are tuition assistance decisions made?

Beaumont partners with FACTS, a tuition payment and aid portal, to collect tuition assistance applications.  FACTS evaluates a family’s application and Beaumont School uses FACTS determinations to make accurate tuition assistance award decisions.  Awards are made based on available funds for the year as well as a family’s demonstrated need.  Reconsideration is available for families that believe more aid is needed for the academic year.  The finance department can assist with reconsideration application requests.

FACTS completed by November 15 are considered under our priority tuition assistance deadline.  Meeting the priority deadline allows Beaumont to inform families of awards in late December.  All applications received after November 15 are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Does Beaumont provide scholarships?

Beaumont offers a number of scholarships to students. Beaumont awards named scholarships as a part of tuition assistance awards.  Beaumont also offers merit-based, legacy, and sister scholarships.  In addition, Beaumont is an authorized provider for the Cleveland Scholarship, EdChoice, EdChoice Expansion, and Jon Peterson Scholarship funds.  Finally, qualified students and families could also receive scholarships from the Cleveland Diocese.  Click Scholarships to learn more.

How are merit-based awards determined?

Scores from the High School Placement Test (HSPT) are used to make merit-based award decisions.  While students are welcome to submit entrance exam scores from the ISEE, OLSAT, or HSPT for admission purposes, only the HSPT will be used for merit-based awards.  

Students who score in the 90th percentile or above on the HSPT will be reviewed for Presidential Academic Scholarships.  They will also be automatically invited to join our Academic Scholars program.  Students who score in the 80th to 89th percentile will be reviewed for Merit Academic Scholarships.  For more information, click Scholarships.

Beaumont offers HSPT testing on three dates in the fall.  Beaumont will accept HSPT test results from other testing locations, but results must be received by November 30.  Click Entrance Exam for more information!

I took the HSPT exam at another institution, how do I get results to Beaumont?

Students can submit copies of their test results to Beaumont in their application portal as an upload, or they may send a copy of the results to  Results of the HSPT from other testing sites must be received by Beaumont by November 30 to be considered for merit-based scholarship awards.

Does Beaumont accept the Cleveland or Ohio EdChoice Scholarship?

Beaumont School is a provider for the Cleveland Scholarship and the Ohio Edchoice Scholarship.  Qualifying families may apply for, renew, or transfer these state scholarships. 

The EdChoice Program provides students who reside in underperforming public school districts with an opportunity to attend participating private schools.  The Cleveland Scholarship is for students who reside in the city of Cleveland and seek non-public educational opportunities.  These scholarship programs are funded by the Ohio Department of Education and families who apply and are approved will receive $7,500 a year in tuition assistance to attend Beaumont.  Visit Scholarships for more information. 

I am having trouble completing FACTS, whom do I contact?

The Beaumont Finance Office is happy to answer general questions about FACTS and applying for tuition assistance.  Please contact Kiara Pierce at  216.325.7312 or

For specific FACTS related troubleshooting, please contact FACTS directly to speak to a parent call center representative:  (866) 315-9262.


If I do not attend a Catholic grade school, how do I apply for admission?

Prospective students who attend public, private, and home schools can refer to the Applying to Beaumont page which outlines the required application materials and process.  To obtain the link to the Beaumont application, please contact the Enrollment Office.  

How will my application be reviewed?  Are some materials more important than others?  

The Beaumont Admissions Committee, comprised of educators from across departments, thoroughly reviews all applications for admission.  Each aspect of the application is considered, thus no one component is more important than another.  The Committee seeks to enroll students who are academically prepared for Beaumont’s curriculum, demonstrate promise for success in our community, and exemplify the values of our Ursuline heritage.  


What academic support opportunities are available at Beaumont? 

All students at Beaumont are encouraged to seek additional support with their academics when needed.  Faculty have regular office hours to meet with students, and Math Tutoring is available from Beaumont’s own Math faculty every day.  

For students with documented accommodation plans, Beaumont’s team of intervention specialists in the Merici Center for Success partner with them to ensure their educational needs are met.  The Merici Center serves students who the following accommodation plans:

  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Evaluation Team Report (ETR)

  • 504 Plan

  • SEGO Plan (Student Education Goals & Objectives)

  • Individualized Service Plan (ISP)

Find out more about the specific services available in the Merici Center here: <> 

What grades does Beaumont enroll?

Beaumont is an all-girls high school serving students in grades 9-12.  Students begin applying for admission in their 8th grade year, in the Fall for priority admission and in the Spring for rolling admission.  

Beaumont also offers enrichment opportunities for students in middle grades (5-8th grades) during the summer and school year.  

Can my daughter earn college credit while attending Beaumont?  

Beaumont offers a college-preparatory curriculum that includes advanced courses in International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), and Honors.  Depending on one’s final exam score and the selected college, IB and AP courses can qualify for college credit, particularly upon completion of the IB Diploma.  Awarding credit is at the discretion of the college/university your daughter attends.  

In addition to possible credit, a Beaumont education adds significant value when students embark on higher education upon graduation.  Beaumont’s Class of 2021 earned over $15 million in merit scholarships to attend college/university, including a number of full-tuition scholarships.  84% of Beaumont’s alumnae graduate from college/university in four years, beating the national average of 41%, because they are prepared to succeed as collegians.  

When the potential cost of higher education is less, combined with a greater likelihood of graduating in four years and jump start on college credit, a Beaumont education is a compelling investment in your daughter’s future.  

Do students wear uniforms?  

Yes, all students wear uniforms during the school day at Beaumont.  You are welcome to view our Dress Code policy.