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Meet Our Students

Each Beaumont student has a unique story. From what motivates her in class, on stage or on the court, to how she has embraced her time at Beaumont, her path is rooted in our supportive Ursuline community.


Hilarious. Outgoing. Honest.
Tennis player.  Studio artist.

Loves her Beaumont friends so much: “They motivate me to be more myself without worrying about what other people think. They make me so incredibly happy!”

Lily attributes her success at Beaumont to her teacher and mentor, Ms. Barnett. “She has seen the potential in me and has helped me to be more confident. She has shown me that if you work hard enough, everything is achievable.”


Quiet. Funny. Kind.
History aficionado. Creative soul. 

Knew Beaumont was the place for her immediately: “Beaumont really is a safe space, an accepting environment that makes sure everyone is recognized for their talents. People really care about me and want the best for me, students and teachers alike. This has really changed my view of others and raised my confidence.”

Confident.  Loving.  Friendly.


Lover of reading, lacrosse, and her friends.
Thinks of Beaumont as her second home.

Ava is organized, reliable, considerate, and loves a good challenge: “I am proud of myself for taking more challenging classes. It has helped to build my self-confidence and I know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”


Motivated. Audacious. Friendly.
After her Shadow Day, “the rest was history”.

Member of the celebrated 4x100 relay team, who found her passion for running at Beaumont: “I was blown away by how close a relationship I have made with my teammates. There is always someone cheering me on the sidelines.”

Kayla also found that her teachers cheered her on in the classroom. “Ms. Pamies offered to help me before and after school. She really saw potential in me and didn’t give up on me, guiding me along the way.”

Adaptable.  Funny.  Kind.  


Independent. Courageous. Adaptable.
Studio artist. Varsity volleyball athlete.
Sister of 3 Beaumont alumnae.

Maya was drawn to Beaumont’s challenging, outside-of-the-box academics and Studio Art Program. She knows the four years at Beaumont are relatively short, but enormously impactful: “You make friends that will last a lifetime.” Maya says the key to this is trust and care. “The students and staff are so welcoming and caring, always supporting and encouraging. It gives me confidence that I can be myself.”


Trustworthy. Loving. Ambitious.
Crocheter. Future anesthesiologist.

Ahniya was drawn to Beaumont because of its welcoming students, many extracurricular opportunities, and strong academic program. It has proven to be the perfect place to foster Ahniya’s love of learning. “During freshman year, I was adamant about doing well and succeeding on my final exams, so I stayed focused, studied hard, and ended the semester with all A's.”

Curious.  Ambitious.  Creative.  


Funny. Curious. Driven.
Violinist and member of Beaumont’s Chamber & Jazz Orchestra. Orientation leader.
Daughter of a Beaumont alumna.

Darah recalls her transition to high school: “Freshman year, I was stressed, trying to find a flow to my work. My teachers helped me find a pace that was right for me. Once I had that, I joined several clubs, which allowed me to be more involved at Beaumont.”


Hard-working. Creative. Motivated.
Ballet dancer at the City Ballet of Cleveland.

Sidney is caring, open-minded, and adventurous: “At Beaumont, we encourage each other to do well in school, and we also know when to have fun. I am so grateful that Beaumont has helped me build such an incredible community.”

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