How are financial assistance decisions made?

Families submit an application and appropriate supporting documentation to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. Beaumont makes recommendations based on the report of completed applications from FACTS, and funds available that year for tuition support.

If my family’s financial situation changes during the school year, can I apply for tuition assistance, or do I need to wait until next year?

You may apply using the FACTS application at any time. However, because there is a limited pool of funds, the funds may already be allocated when you apply. You will be put on a waiting list in case the funds become available at a later date. Click here to apply for Beaumont Tuition Reconsideration.

If parents are divorced or separated, do both parents need to apply for tuition assistance?

Yes, both parents need to submit the FACTS application and supporting documentation.

Are tuition assistance awards automatically renewed annually?

Yes, Beaumont tuition assistance awards automatically renew for those students in good academic standing. You only need to complete your FACTS application once during your time at Beaumont, unless you would like to report a change in circumstances.

Diocesan Tuition Assistance awards are not renewed yearly and require a new or update FACTS by March 15. For more information, click here

How do late fees work?

Late fees apply to all plans. A $30 late fee will be assessed for payments not received by the payment due date.

What happens if the payment is returned to Beaumont?

A $30 fee will be assessed for payments returned from your financial institution. This fee increases in $20 increments for each returned payment. After 3 returned payments, a bank check will be required.