Class Representatives

Looking to get in touch with your Beaumont classmates? Contact your class representative! For more information on being a representative for your class or contacting your class rep, call Christy Salata, Associate Director of Alumnae Relations at (216) 325-7326 or email [email protected].


1945Mary Jane Volzer D'Emilia
1948Pat O'Linn
1949Antoinette Rini Geraci - [email protected]   


1950 Mary Ann Black Warner - [email protected] (440) 234-9348
1951Marilyn Sell Buynack [email protected], (440) 306-8603
1952Carol Baird Roddy - [email protected], (440) 527-8409
1954Jaine Caswell Flanagan - [email protected] 
Patricia Koehn - [email protected]     
1955Sr. Maureen McCarthy, OSU - [email protected]         
Judy Kish Amundsen - [email protected] 
1956Patricia McIntyre Westropp - [email protected] 
1957Barbara Schuele Schubert- [email protected]
1958Sheila Bellamy - [email protected] 
Marilyn Kundert Bean  
Mary Jo Abraham Antoon - [email protected] 
Sr. Martha Mooney- [email protected] 


Charlene Delauer Kavran  
1961Joanne Eafanti Gilliam
1962Christina Collura Embrescia - [email protected] 
Mary Catherine Reilly Doyle - [email protected] 
1963Kati Callahan Crawford - [email protected] 
1964Mary Ferrara Supler - [email protected] 
1965Kathleen Gang Rini - [email protected] 
1966Patricia Ann Padden Pandak - [email protected] 
1967Mary Ellen Malone Shannon - [email protected] 
1968Catherine O'Connor Holzheimer - [email protected] 
Geralyn Campbell - [email protected] 
Kathryn Wood McGrorry - [email protected] 
1969Deborah Koenig Brinda - [email protected] 
Linda Circillo Hickey - [email protected]


1970Rosemary Amato - [email protected] 
1971Marianne Kerr - [email protected] 
1972Adrianne Senft Kohn- [email protected]
Mary Beth Walton Guzzo- [email protected]
1974Teri Ianni - [email protected] 
Barbara Thomas Favret  
Elizabeth Thompson Harrison  
1975Sharon Latkovich Valente - [email protected] 
1976Kathryn Arnold Hart
Kathryn Richard Zarobila
1977Nancy Busch Montgomery - [email protected] 
Maureen Reilly Callam -[email protected]
1978Rosemary Leone Nemeth - 216-591-0229  [email protected] 
Maidie Volpe McGarry - 248-608-0336 [email protected] 
Margaret Reardon- 216-371-0626  [email protected]
1979Mary Kelley Ebner - [email protected]


1980Dee Curtis - [email protected] 
1981Marianne DiSanto Storath - [email protected] 
1982Mary Walton McBride - [email protected]
1983Kristin Nigro Kranz - [email protected] 
1984Pam Strong-Marlow- [email protected]
1985Rachel Schuele Verderber - [email protected] 
Karen Ritt Grealis - [email protected] 
1986Heather Fowler Nacke - [email protected] 
1987Gina Robinson-Harris - [email protected] (216) 702-3675
1988Laurie Klopper - [email protected] 
1989Marie Miechelle Luna Javitch - [email protected] (614)882-2352


1990Jennifer St. John Bolander- [email protected]
Shannon Brown Burke- [email protected] (216)-308-4110
1991Lethia Grimes- [email protected] (216) 990-3102
1992Tresa Rice- [email protected] (216) 533-5550
 Terese Adomaites Fennell- [email protected]
Johanna Keenan Henz - [email protected] (216) 410-4917
1993Megan Comiskey Bayhurst - [email protected] 
Amy Fistek Spochacz - [email protected] 
1994Kathleen Koehler Quail - [email protected]   
1995Meredith Owendoff Sonby- [email protected] (216) 410-6344
Molly Mooney Beam- [email protected]
Kate Fitzgerald Herberth- [email protected]
1996Helen Curak - [email protected] 
1997Christine Natemeyer Walanka- [email protected] (312) 560-2540
1998Maureen Christy Yates- [email protected] 
Jennifer White Mulligan - [email protected] 
1999Tia Durham- [email protected]
Lauren Santoriella Meek- [email protected] (216) 347-0178
Jennifer Bencin- [email protected]


2000Alisa Benedict- [email protected] (216) 470-9723
Lauren Conochan Smith- [email protected] (216) 849-0808
Carol Ferkovic- [email protected]
Maggie Mooney- [email protected] (216) 224-2322
Jennifer Kramer- [email protected] (216) 534-6479
2001Gina Mazzone - [email protected]     
2002Ana Tremaglio Hinchcliffe [email protected]
2003Shannon Hawkins - [email protected] 
2004Jaime Vleck-Mitra- [email protected] (440) 376-4828
Victoria Yuko-[email protected]
Suzy Music- [email protected]
Molly Dise- [email protected] (216) 965-6639
2005Dia Dalsky - [email protected] 
Kaleigh Gallagher - [email protected] 
2006Ronni Garofoli-[email protected] (216) 570-7297
Anne Roberto- [email protected] 
Kaitlin Daly Heisler- [email protected] (216) 210-1706
2007Margaret Eppright - [email protected] 
Maura Jochum - [email protected] 
Caitlin Monahan - [email protected] 
Kerry Hawkins- [email protected]
2008Sara Keller - [email protected] 
Kristian Gist - [email protected] 
2009Maley Ebner - [email protected] 
Meredith Muir - [email protected] 
Carrie Killeen - [email protected]
Christiane Mhanna - [email protected]


2010Kristen Mackay - [email protected] 
2011Mia Delcalzo- [email protected] (440) 346-5877
Leah Adams- [email protected] (216) 906-8851
Liz Calvey- [email protected] (440) 773-1289
Diana Hauptman- [email protected] (440) 382-5408
2012Elaine Sims- [email protected] (216) 509-2800
Gabriela Leskur- [email protected]
Maribeth Teresczuk- [email protected] (440) 477-1755
2013Johanna Tomsick - [email protected] 
Chelsea Day - [email protected] 
Katie Hankins - [email protected] 
Kailyn Brooks - [email protected]
2014Christine Baucco - [email protected]  (440) 478-2856
Ellen Fisher- [email protected] (216) 978-9586
2015Bethany Garin - [email protected]  (216) 970-6295
2016Brianna McElrath- [email protected] 
Elizabeth Skelin-[email protected]
Reilly Girardot- [email protected] (216) 618-1706
Isabelle Klayman- [email protected]
Molly McCann- [email protected] (440) 530-0230
2017Reba Bartram- [email protected]
Deja-Verenda Baker- [email protected]
Alexandra Andrus-[email protected] (216) 406-7901