Distinguished Alumnae Nomination

Beaumont’s Distinguished Alumnae awards are given each year as a way to honor alumnae who exhibit the qualities of life, leadership and service in their everyday lives. These awards are a way to honor alumnae for their continued commitment to Beaumont’s mission after their graduation. The requirements for this award are as follows:

  • The nominee can be living or deceased
  • Must be a Beaumont alumna who graduated at least 10 years ago
  • Must embody the Ursuline tradition of life, leadership and service
  • Should be a woman of who faces life with faith and dignity

Beaumont Distinguished Alumnae Award Recipients

Terry Trivison Ford ‘49*
Sr. Margaret Ann Kelley, OSU ’49*
Mary Ann B. Kinney ’57
Capricia Penavic Marshall ’82
Rosanne O’Neill Plent ’48*

Margaret Pigott Flynn ’77
Nancy Bochin Hinds ’62
Marlene Tighe ’56*

Carol Jean Gilles ‘49*
Nancy Kelley McLaughlin ’74
Elizabeth Porter ‘83*


Margaret Gallagher ’48*
Sr. Roberta Goebel, OSU ’62
Margaret Martin Paulett ’46

Nancy Graf ’54
Kathleen Walton Monahan ’79
Marianne Rocco Walton ’57

Joan Broglio Kimmel ’58
The Honorable Melody Stewart ’80
Dr. Molly McMahon Yohann ’84    

Rosemary Leone Nemeth '78
Mary Stevenson '78
Dorothy Janusko Valerian '62

Kathleen Gang Rini '65
Eileen Ramerman Smotzer '76
Johanna Keenan Henz '92

Mary Lou Deucher Fuerst '57
Sharon Latkovich Valente '75
Ericka Ames Owens '89

* Deceased