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Service Projects

Engaging young women in social justice and compassionate service to others

"You have more need to serve others, than they have to be served."
-St. Angela Merici, 1st Counsel

Beaumont students are dynamic leaders who give of themselves in our greater community through service. Inspired by the Ursuline charism of service to others and social justice, a Beaumont student regularly accepts volunteer opportunities, plans long-term service projects, organizes campaigns for worthy causes, and creates strategies to respond to local or global issues. Service is a meaningful way for our students to integrate academic knowledge, faith principles, and life skills to make a positive difference. 

Community involvement provides our students with ways to develop their philanthropy and social awareness. Beaumont students serve all people, from the unborn to the elderly and in environments ranging from local agencies to global relief efforts. They are empowered to serve others at food banks, nursing homes, hospitals, nature preserves, global famine relief organizations, and social justice campaigns.

Whether in our neighborhood or on another continent, the Beaumont student is justice-minded and compassionate as she meets (and most times, exceeds) these benchmarks in our Service Program prior to graduation:

Participation in 80 hours of service designated as follows:

25 hours freshman year

25 hours sophomore year

30 hours junior year