French, Spanish, and Latin National Language Honor Societies Inductions

Beaumont’s chapters of the national language honor societies held a formal induction and honor cord ceremony on Tuesday evening, January 23. The presentation was done in an Ursuline-inspired ceremony on the Beaumont campus. Congratulations to the inductees:

La Société Honoraire de Français (sponsored by the AATF):  Elsa Gran (two year member), Mary Bova, Megan Candow, Eva Cruz, Anna Fox, Natalie Haddad, Elizabeth Jerse, Sarah Kikel, Natalie Majc, Elizabeth McDermott, Megan Pophal, Mia Rodio, Juliana Rowane, and Lily Wagner. Lead by Mr. John Michael Langa.

The Societatis Honoris Latinae (sponsored by the NJCL): Macie Bell, Sydney Fitzcharles, Layah Hodges, Jessi Kulbago, Elisabeth Mitrofan, Maddie Riley, and Grace Young. Lead by Mr. Rober White.

La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (sponsored by the AATSP): Madeleine Ashby, Kelley Aucremanne, Casey Cook, Nora Duncan, Parker Haynes, Rachel Holland, Monika Hocevar, Callia Hutchison, Raeana Kiss, Zoe Larive, Morgan Malone, Katherine McGreal, Sara McGreal, Caitlyn McKiernan, Lauren Mott, Jessica Nahra, Natalie Noble, and Grace Willmott.  Lead by Mrs. Alice Pamies and Ms. Barbara Sosnowski.