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Heart of Beaumont Campaign

Sister Margaret Ann Kelley '49 Dining Hall and Beaumont Bistro


Beaumont Bistro in the Sister Margaret Ann Kelley '49 Dining Hall

Building For Our Future

Essential to an Ursuline education is the concept of Dynamic Adaptability – an integral part of St. Angela’s assertion that education must be adapted to time and culture. She was a woman well ahead of her time. In the 16th Century, St. Angela Merici knew that an integrated spirit is achieved only when education encompasses the improvement of the body, mind, and spirit. The renovations planned and completed for The Heart of Beaumont are a vital part of our obligation to be dynamically adaptable and to incorporate the whole child as a central component of our curriculum. Particularly in this post-pandemic world, we have learned a great deal about how the physical environment affects learning.

Achieving Our Goals


“There has never really been a better time than now to support this campaign at Beaumont.  We know what’s needed to keep the school competitive and it’s just a matter of all of us getting together to support it.”

Steve Klug -  Past Parent, Past Board Member, Grandparent, Benefactor

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MAK Dining Hall and Beaumont Bistro

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Barone Blue Streaks Spirit Store

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1850 Lounge

St. Angela Merici Field

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St. Angela Merici Field, Home of the Blue Streaks

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St. Angela Merici Field, Home of the Blue Streaks

St. Angela Merici Field, Home of the Blue Streaks

"Athletics is such a strong part of the Beaumont experience it can only be made stronger and better by improving the athletic facilities. It is important to put our best foot forward, not to win, but to be competitive and to know our girls are always doing the best that they could possibly do."

Peter and Rita Murphy Carfagna '71 - Alumna, Past Parents, Benefactors

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