National Honor Society

Eligibility Requirements for Class of 2019 and 2020 interested in NHS membership

The selection process will take place in September and October 2018 and will be limited to Juniors and Seniors. Your service hours, GPA, and conduct for the year 2017-2018 will be verified and used by the faculty as the primary basis for NHS eligibility. The final decision is made by the faculty who confer this honor on the students and have the opportunity to rate all eligible students. For this process for FALL 2018, the following requirements will be in effect:


Service Hours must be TURNED IN TO THE BEAUMONT SERVICE COORDINATOR AND VERIFIED BY: the first Monday of the school year, August 20th 2018 Hours turned in after this date will not be counted.

If you request consideration as a Junior - 70 hours

If you request consideration as a Senior - 90 hours, including your correctly completed and accepted Junior Service project

  • GPA: 3.6000 cumulative as of June 2018
  • Conduct will be based on the time period August 2017 to September 2018:

Tardies: no more than 8 tardies in the previous year – 2017-18)

Misconducts: no more than 8

Detentions: no more than 1 instant, green slip detention or 1 misconduct detention.

No disciplinary actions currently on file


  • Leadership roles:

ONE MAJOR ROLE (such as class officer, team captain, club officer reliably fulfilled*) or

TWO MINOR ROLES (distinctive leadership in class, shorter term leadership on a significant committee, prominent class activity, etc.) These must be verified by the faculty advisor, coach, etc.

*Leadership roles will be determined as follows:

a. The amount of individual responsibility you took. This means your own, individual responsibility for leading other students, managing work on your own, being the responsible person for tasks, coordination or organization.

b. The level of leadership you exercised as an officer, committee chairperson, team captain, etc.

NOTE: All leadership roles that you have fulfilled throughout your Beaumont years will be taken into consideration, however, the more current the role the greater the weight.

CLASS LEADERSHIP is rated by the faculty as a whole, who evaluate the students and can confer a MINOR in leadership by their ratings.


  • Participation in School Activities – you need 5 points.

Points are awarded on the basis of your ACTIVE participation in Beaumont clubs and activities, this year AND to a lesser degree, last year. Example: active participation in a club, team: (this year 2 pts. + last year 1 pt. = 3 pts.)

Teachers, coaches, moderators etc. will indicate how much time commitment you gave and the degree of your participation

  • Role Model – Positive attitude, cooperation with faculty and staff, positive effect on classmates and others, following the rules of behavior and attire are rated by the faculty as a whole, who evaluate the students.

A list of students who have the necessary GPA, Conduct and Service Hours will be posted in

September 2018. Further information and application packets will be available at meetings scheduled for

September, 2018.