Project REAL Experiences

The culmination of Project REAL is a small-group presentation to classmates about the two-week experience. In this presentation students share what they did and reflect on the overall experience. Here is a sample of the kinds of careers and fields that past students have explored.

Benita Alveranga
Operation Focus (programs for juveniles and ex-convicts re-entering society).
I am so fortunate to live the life I lead. I’ve always complained about the regrets I have with going to a Catholic school since I was old enough to walk but looking at how those young kids behave and conduct themselves was a shocker. Throughout this process, I witnessed a lot of people throw their life away and it was hard for me to understand why they would do that because I have my future laid out for me.
As Christians we need to become more involved in the community; not the community in Beachwood, but the community in Cleveland.

Casey Battel
I chose to learn more about an art form that will remain a part of my life. I had the privilege of working with… the owner of a dance studio for over 33 years [which] taught me a lot about how to run a successful business.

Kirsten Boes
I spent my two weeks with… a general surgeon… I was in the Operating Room every day… Many of the surgeries I saw were very routine for the doctors because they are common problems… I viewed five gallbladder surgeries. …in the orthopedic operation room, [I viewed] two hip replacements and a knee transplant.

Hannah Cerne
…my time as an observer was truly remarkable. I was able to view surgeries, hold newborn babies, view ultrasounds, see a stoma and so much more. Every day I learned something new and was able to see the versatility that comes with possessing a nursing degree.

Katie Dobscha
I cannot describe how valuable this experience has been to me. It demonstrated how well Beaumont has prepared me for any situation. I know how to act even when I am unfamiliar in my environment through my education as a leader and a woman of faith. I also discovered how much I love working with young children with physical and cognitive disabilities. So much so, that I am fully willing to consider a career in the field, like an art therapist.

Sarah DiGeronimo
I believe this Project REAL experience is very valuable. From the time that I spent at GE Lighting, I was able to learn so much more than I would have in a classroom setting. I now have a much better understanding of the field of engineering in general as well as the different disciplines.

Mackenzie Donohoe
Throughout the second week I was able to go to court for a day, go to the shooting range, go through the 12 floors of the Jail, and go to a house during a search warrant. I had an amazing experience. Captain _____ was a great mentor… he allow me to experience things the average teenager can only see through movies. I am grateful to have worked alongside him for two weeks.

Sadye Mascia
For two weeks I spent time at Blaster Entertainment learning about the music business and the steps necessary to running a successful label.

Chelsie Kosir
During this experience I learned how much work really goes into taking care of the animals at [Lake Metroparks] Farmpark and getting ready to teach the children about the animals. At the Farmpark I completed many jobs including milking oats, taking the goats outside, cleaning stalls…shearing sheep, catching sheep, weighing sheep, tagging sheep, giving sheep shots and also keeping up with the health of the sheep. …When confronted with a challenge, you have to continue with a positive attitude and figure it out.

Caitlin Lawless
From talking to the different people involved in the [advertising] agency, Marcus Thomas… I learned firsthand the teamwork and hard work that is involved in keeping an agency running.

Xan Manning
I shadowed NewsChannel 5 anchor Danita Harris… I worked a lot on writing articles. On a daily basis I would write 10 articles that I would later track or record myself broadcasting as if I was on television. … Danita Harris shared a lot of what her job does the community and also ministering to Christ. She is the wife of a minister and uses her church as an outlet to help those in need.

Jackie Horrigan
I shadowed a clinical psychologist at the Veterans Hospital. …I worked very closely with a team of doctors and social workers who are part of the Day Hospital program, designed strictly for veterans suffering from severe mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, severe depressions, post-traumatic stress disorder and mood disorders.

Kat Hyland
I spent the last two weeks working at the Nature Center in the North Chagrin Metro Parks. It is an educational facility with the ultimate purpose of helping the community connect to nature. …after we finished up the waterfowl count… we fed the turtles, lizards, toads, fish… and also wiped down their cages… I [was] also entrusted to do owl and squirrel care.

Jessica Parker
I did my Project REAL at the Law Offices of Craig S. Cobb in downtown Cleveland. …my experience taught me what it is like to work in a big city, the laws lawyers must follow, the daily responsibilities of lawyers and has shown me an opportunity to bring my Beaumont experience into the workplace.

Rachel Damato
Over the course of two weeks I worked in every department (car dealership). The sales people used me to practice selling used cars. I watched the service department take each customer and their vehicle through the three C’s. I handed oil filters to the technicians while working in the parts department. I rang up customer’s bills while working with the receptionist. I went to the title and license bureaus. I vacuumed and washed cars in detailing. Every department has their jobs but together they form the business.

Emily Nobbe
The most rewarding part of Project REAL was getting to meet so many great people, and viewing Cleveland in a different way. …Sometimes I forget that we live in a city, and we have tall buildings and museums and nice restaurants. I grew to love my morning journey downtown every day.

Anne Conway
I really enjoyed by time with PricewaterhouseCoopers because I was able to spend time with each department of the company. I worked with great mentors who each explained their area of focus in depth, while also keeping their explanation basic… Because of this experience, I now have a background of what accounting is and what an accountant does on a daily basis.

Catherine Nichta
I was lucky enough to be able to work at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. My supervisor wanted me to leave with a broad range of experiences, most of them focused around my interests in Communication and Marketing.

Mary Catherine Nemecek
Event coordinating, as I learned during m y hours working at the Hyatt downtown with the event coordinator, is more than the glitz and glam of “the perfect day.” Achieving this ultimate perfection requires countless hours of phone calls, clarifications and meetings, as well as utilizing your social skills with dealing with the bride’s mother, father and the crazy bridal party.

Allison Siragusa
The bright, smiling faces of 23 second graders welcomed me each morning for the past two weeks… I had the honor of shading a second grade teacher at St. Rita School in Solon. This was one of the most beneficial and rewarding experiences of my life.

Eva Szabados
I have been working alongside a Physical Therapist [at] the Cleveland Clinic’s Children’s Rehabilitation Center. … I learned so much in the two weeks of Project REAL and it has truly helped me discover …how to help make a difference in the lives of so many kids and their families.

Elaine Sims
I worked at a small restaurant and learned how hard it was to run a restaurant. … I was trained to work as a busser, a dishwasher and an expediter. I was also able to help out with preparing the dessert catering trays. …it was an extraordinary opportunity to see how service impacts the customer.

Katie Saada
I spent my two weeks in the Mayor’s Office in Cleveland’s City Hall. My sponsor was Valarie McCall, the Chief of Government Affairs. Along with learning about the Mayor’s education plan, during my first week, I also sat in on City Council meetings. I am confident that I came out of my project REAL experience with a better understanding for how the city runs and a new appreciation for the City of Cleveland. Working with City hall for two weeks gave me more insight to some of the problems that we are facing in Cleveland and gave me more of a desire to get involved and to help our neighbors.