Service at Beaumont School

Integral to the Christian life and included as a key value in the Ursuline charism is the call to serve and to work for justice in our community and in our world. Service is ultimately about establishing relationships and challenging ourselves to go beyond our natural and comfortable boundaries. Engaging in service activities allows a person to share their God-given gifts, talents and abilities with others and can also help deepen one’s sense of compassion and solidarity.

The insightful words of St. Angela Merici, founder of the Ursulines, is etched in the windows of the chapel named in her honor: “you have more need to serve others, than they have to be served.” Through class retreats and written reflections on service we hope students will grow in their understanding of service – recognizing that it is not merely about doing things for others, but also an opportunity to be with others.

The parameters and guidelines for service hours allow for the growth and development that occur as students progress through Beaumont. As part of their graduation requirements students are required to complete 80 hours of service designated as follows:
 Freshmen: 25 hours
 Sophomores: 25 hours
 Juniors: 30 hours as part of the Junior Service Project (JSP)

Please visit the JSP page and service hours page or more information.