Service Hour

Requirements for service hour totals:

- 25 hours during freshmen year
 - 25 hours during sophomore year
 - 30 hours as part of Junior Service Project 

- Hours do NOT carry over, e.g. completing 50 hours during freshmen year does not satisfy the requirement for sophomore year.
 - Service hours beyond the class year minimums are recorded and are used for some honor society qualifications, civic scholarships etc.
 - Although there is no service hour requirement for senior year, students are encouraged to continue the good work they have begun, thereby encouraging them to integrate service as part of a life-long commitment not simply a school requirement.
 - Service hours are pro-rated for transfer students or anyone else who is away for a semester or more.

Timelines and documentation for service hours:

- Hours completed during the summer will be counted for the following school year
 - Incoming 9th grade students may accrue service hours in the summer prior to starting classes
 - Students must submit documentation in a timely manner and adhere to deadlines:
 September 30 – for all service completed during the summer (some honor societies may have an earlier deadline)
 Mid-January (first day of 3rd quarter) – for all service from 1st & 2nd quarter
 June 1st – for all service from 3rd & 4th quarter
 - Students must submit forms, signed by their site supervisor to receive credit. Forms may be picked up and returned in the designated area outside Campus Ministry offices.
 - In the event that a supervisor is unable to sign the carbon-copy form, we will accept an email from the site supervisor confirming the date/time/hours of service completed. The email should be sent directly to the student (NOT to Campus Ministry) and attached to a regular Beaumont service form.
 - Students receive the carbon copy of their form via homeroom mail; the cumulative total of hours is included on the form so a student can track her progress.
 - Service hours are a graduation requirement, and students receive a Pass/Fail grade at the end of 9th and 10th grade.

Acceptable service activities/sites:

We encourage students to seek service opportunities with organizations that assist or accompany those in need. Many students complete service hours with groups or organizations with which they already have a connection on their own or through family members, e.g. parish, community, or civic groups. Some students opt to complete the requirement during the summer by volunteering at summer camps, Vacation Bible School or other activities.

Throughout the year Beaumont receives requests from various community partners in need of volunteers, and this information is shared with students via email, announcements and on-campus postings. It is the student’s responsibility to follow up on this information.

Finally, students may accrue service hours by volunteering at on-campus events after school or on weekends. Some of these opportunities are connected to groups they belong to (e.g. Ambassadors Club) and others are open to the community (e.g. Christmas on Campus).

The following activities/sites are NOT acceptable for the service hours requirement:
 - Any service that happens during the school day (including All-School Service Day)
 - Any service for which a student receive financial compensation
 - Service for family members or service in a family business
 - Baby-sitting or child care