At Beaumont, girls have many opportunities.

The value of an all-girls Catholic school education, although frequently debated, is unmistakable – uplifting environments in which young women learn that they can do anything and be anything, without fear of gender discrimination.They take part in a curriculum that is academically rigorous – from S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) -- to a state-recognized art program, to indulging their passions for fashion, music and drama. They can learn a new language, or be part of the only all-girls school in Greater Cleveland to offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma programme, beginning in fall, 2017.

They also have the chance to express themselves on the playing field as student-athletes where they learn to win with dignity and lose with grace.

The one word that best describes Beaumont is community.

Girls can truly be who they are – and be accepted and appreciated for those individual qualities, which are different with each girl. That’s a truly special advantage of the single-sex approach to education.

At the cornerstone of the Beaumont community is an accomplished, exceptional faculty, whose goal it is to support each young woman and provide her the skills and preparation she needs to succeed in life, so that she will emerge from Beaumont as a leader with an appreciation for the importance of service to others, and a greater understanding of her Catholic identity, deeply rooted in the Ursuline tradition.

We recognize and appreciate the importance of balance in both work and life.

To that end, Beaumont is a fun place to be. We offer girls the chance to enjoy each day no matter what their academic and extra-curricular pursuits.

Our girls form friendships here that will follow them throughout the course of their life.

We continue to build community with each of our students one at a time.

The approach we take is as unique and special as each of our young women.

"Beaumont, specifically, provided my daughter with a community of girls who are intelligent, motivated, and most significantly, KIND. It also has a large number of adults who support the girls in all their interests and endeavors, and provide wonderful examples of how to live in the world as they become adults." ~Julie Gran

"My daughter has gained a wealth of leadership skills. As a graduate of Beaumont, I know first hand that an all girls school makes todays girls the leaders of tomorrow.Meghan has gained a deeper understanding of the Catholic religion, the importance of service work, confidence, leadership skills, the opportunity to become a Baccalauteate scholar." ~Pasqualeen Kessinger