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Uniform Policy

Information on Beaumont's dress code

Dress Code

The uniform is designed to provide the means for all students to look neat and well groomed, and to be identified as Beaumont students. We believe that it reminds students that self-worth is an inner quality not based on the status of an extensive non-uniform wardrobe. The skirt, vest, and shirt must be purchased through Schoolbelles. The uniform skirt may be purchased from Schoolbelles or One Seed Heritage. The khaki and navy pants, socks and tights may be purchased locally, but must meet the school requirements listed below.

The uniform must be worn for the full school day. The uniform is required for all Beaumont students and must be kept clean and properly hemmed, without stains, rips or tears. Nothing may be visible below the hemline of the skirt, which should be no more than 4 inches above the middle of the knee. Coats must be kept in lockers. While an attempt has been made to present the dress code as completely as possible, there may be special cases when an accessory or an article of dress is in question. The general rule to follow is: if the article of dress or accessory is not listed as a part of the regulation uniform, the student is to assume it is inappropriate. 

Dress Uniform:

  • To be worn for liturgies and special assemblies.
  • Uniform pleated or wrap plaid skirt no shorter than 4” above the middle of the knee and worn at the waist.
  • Uniform navy sweater with the Ursuline Coat of Arms (crest sweater).
  • Under the crest sweater, freshmen and sophomores may wear only their green short sleeve ribbed bottom knit shirt with “B” monogram. Juniors and seniors may wear only the solid navy short or long sleeve ribbed-bottom knit shirt with “B” monogram.
  • Solid, navy tights with feet. Socks are not to be worn on dress uniform days, only solid, navy tights.
  • Shoes must be low-heeled, solid brown or black with no exterior fur/fleece.

Casual Uniform:

  • To be worn daily (Monday through Thursday).
  • Uniform pleated or wrap plaid skirt no shorter than 4” above the middle of the knee and worn at the waist OR
  • Navy blue or khaki-colored cotton or corduroy pants with straight or slightly flared legs, worn at the waist, free of embroidery, designs, cargo or carpenter style pockets/loops, and not faded or torn.
  • Sophomores may still also opt to wear the green polo, in addition to the navy polo, for this academic year only. All students may still wear the appropriate color polo with the former Beaumont “B” emblem; polo shirts of the appropriate color with either the new branded ‘B’ or the former “B” are acceptable.
  • A plain white, grey, or navy, short-sleeved or long sleeved T-shirt may be worn under the uniform shirt; the shirt may not have wording or graphics visible. 
  • Navy crest sweater.
  • Optional – “Beaumont” uniform sweatshirt (navy crewneck with gold satin-stitched lettering).
  • Optional - Navy cardigan with "B" monogram. 
  • Plain white, navy, or black socks which reach above the ankles. White socks may have “Beaumont”, “Blue Streaks”, or “Seniors” as the only acceptable obvious imprint. Discreet athletic logos on the socks are permissible. 
  • Navy or black tights, or cotton, non-athletic leggings; if leggings are worn, socks must cover entire ankle area.
  • Low-heeled, closed-toe solid brown, tan, navy or black shoes with no exterior fur/fleece.

Spirit Uniform:

  • May be worn on Fridays.
  • Follow casual uniform guidelines but the top can be any Beaumont spirit wear.

Infractions of the Dress Code:

  • All students are required to be in uniform. A violation of any part of the dress code marks a student as out of uniform and will result in a misconduct.
  • Exceptions to the dress code may be allowed for serious reason and presented by the parent in writing to the Dean of Students.
  • Blatant disregard for the uniform after warnings will result in an automatic detention.
  • No dress uniform will result in a misconduct.
  • Hats, hoods, bandanas and scarves are not permitted. 
  • Piercings, or any camouflaging of a piercing in the lips, nose, tongue and chin are not permitted.
  • Plugs in earlobes are not permitted.
  • Hair color must be within the range of natural coloring, subtle, and without stark contrast.
  • Tattoos or any skin markings which resemble tattoos are not permitted to show.

Out-of-Uniform Dress Code:

  • Tops: Loose-fitting shirts, tank tops with straps two inches or more in width, covered midriff, neckline allowing for coverage of cleavage, appropriate designs/phrasing for school setting, and in good condition.
  • Bottoms: Skirts or shorts no more than four inches above the knee, jeans, pants, capris or sweatpants in good condition (without holes or tears) and worn so that essential body parts are covered at all times. Leggings, yoga pants, and pajama pants are NOT permitted.
  • Shoes: Shoes must be low-heeled and closed-toe. Flip-flops and sandals are NOT permitted.
  • Hats: Hats are not permitted.

The administration reserves the right to decide on the appropriateness of student appearance, and students may be sent home until they comply with the above code. 

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