Why Beaumont?


Beaumont’s outstanding liberal arts academic program supported by a state-of-the art network of technology will stimulate and inspire you to do your best. Classes and labs will encourage you to think and write critically, create, question, and analyze. Teachers will challenge you to your potential. You’ll be proud to be a part of a National School of Excellence. And you’ll leave Beaumont confident, competent and ready for college.



Extracurricular activities serve as "laboratories of life" and encourage a young women to reach her fullest potential. At Beaumont, young women can achieve in the classroom, on the field, in the lab and on the stage through classes and extra-curricular activities. Here, girls take the initiative, ask questions and find their voice. With so many opportunities for engagement available at Beaumont, leadership is not just a catch phrase. It is a way of life!



A Beaumont student has many opportunities to explore the creative process and express herself through theater, voice, ceramics, fashion, photography, and drawing & design. Our competitive Studio Art Program gives students the chance to study under the tutelage of Beaumont's esteemed art faculty and Artist in Residence, Stanka Kordic, an internationally recognized drawer and painter. Musically inclined students can join Voices of Harmony, our choir group or participate in the Chamber Jazz Orchestra. Music students study in the state of the art Garcia Music Studio. 



Student athletes will find success in Beaumont's 12 competitive interscholastic sports. Excellence has become a tradition with Blue Streak teams capturing unprecedented numbers of consecutive state titles in Track & Field, Cross Country and Volleyball! Invaluable disciplines in teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership and confidence learned on the court, the course, or the field serve our young women for a lifetime. 


And YOU...

As a Beaumont student, you will be a vital part of a close-knit community. As a spirited family of faith that is committed to fostering peace and justice, Beaumont will challenge you to live your faith inside and outside of the classroom. Equipped with Beaumont's unique blend of ideals and traditions, you will grow and develop as a well-rounded young woman, capable, confident, and a compassionate leader for the 21st century. A Beaumont education is your bridge to the future!