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Group Guidance

Students learn self-advocacy, time management, and tackle issues facing young women.


We know that the transition to high school can be challenging even for the brightest students. Every year of high school presents unique challenges as well as opportunities. Group Guidance at Beaumont is a unique and rewarding component to our students’ social and emotional learning as well as time to develop academic skills and future planning.

Counselors explore a curriculum that allows for grade appropriate learning of skills like self-advocacy, time management and study techniques. This time also allows for discussion on current issues facing young women in today’s society. In small group settings, students have the opportunity to share with one another and our guidance staff the topics and challenges in a space that is both safe and respectful. They learn life skills such as time management, but also have the time to identify and understand their personal learning styles, solid academic habits and to discover colleges and universities that will best suit their learning style and their life goals.

Beaumont’s Group Guidance follows a weekly curriculum and is a special part of the Beaumont education that allows blocked time to continue to develop the whole student as they transition through high school and into the world.

Beaumont is a place filled with positive reinforcement, shoulders to cry on, people to lean on, and friends to laugh with. MADDIE '22