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With EdChoice Expansion, every Beaumont family is now eligible to receive some level of scholarship award.

Beaumont School is a provider for both EdChoice Traditional and EdChoice Expansion Scholarships. EdChoice Traditional is based on the zip code of a qualifying districtEdChoice Expansion is a new scholarship program through the Ohio Department of Education, that allows any student in Ohio to access funding for private school tuition. Awards vary from $950 - $8,407 depending on household income.

Students can only receive one Ohio Department of Education scholarship, however, merit and need-based financial aid can help reduce tuition.

The table below displays the award scale.


Students must first be accepted to Beaumont School before submitting Ohio Department of Education paperwork.

How do I apply for the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship?


**Parent Requirements for EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Application (Forms to be returned to the school):** 

1. Complete EdChoice Scholarship Application Request Form.

2. Submit Proof of Address (utility bill). Must be less than 3 months old and show matching billing and service address. Must send the full page of the bill. See the example here. In lieu of a utility bill, please refer to the ODE's Acceptable Forms of Address Proof.

3. Submit a copy of your daughter’s birth certificate.

4. Submit custody documents if applicable.

5. The application and supporting documents must be submitted to Beaumont School separately. Please do not scan documents together as a single file.

6. Please include your daughter's name in your email subject when you send the required documents.


**Parent Requirements for EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Application (To be completed online in the ODE Income Verification Portal by parents):**

1. Identify all sources of household income and collect documentation. For typical wage-earning jobs, a 2022 Tax Return (Form 1040) or W2 will suffice.

2. Complete Income Verification online using the ODE's quick guide.

3. For additional tips on completing Income Verification, please refer to the "EdChoice Income Verification Helpful Tips."


1. Once the ODE reviews and approves your application, they will send you an acceptance form in the mail with your award letter. Beaumont will also reach out with the appropriate acceptance form via email. Please return one of these forms to Beaumont as soon as possible. Failure to submit the acceptance form could result in the termination of your scholarship by the ODE.

2. Complete the optional, but highly recommended, Limited Power of Attorney (POA) form. The POA form allows Beaumont to deposit the EdChoice scholarship checks sent by the ODE on your behalf. If a POA is not received, the primary parent listed on the EdChoice application will need to come to Beaumont on a monthly basis to endorse each check as they are received from September through June. The POA form must be signed and notarized.


1. Complete the application fully. Failure to complete all sections fully may result in delays in the processing of your application.

2. Provide information about previous public school attendance if asked.

3. Ensure a valid signature. Sign in pen. Electronic or typed is not accepted.

4. Preferred proof of address is a utility bill.

5 If you require the assistance of a notary, most local banks should have one on-site.

6. All documents must be submitted to the Beaumont School Finance Office. The Finance Office is able to process completed applications most efficiently if they are signed, scanned, and emailed to
Please include your daughter’s name in the email subject line of all EdChoice correspondence.  If unable to scan, you may also mail or bring documents to the Finance Office of Beaumont School. Applications will be processed on your behalf, and a Beaumont School team member will contact you to confirm receipt within 1-3 business days.

7. NOTE: Due to the high volume of individuals applying for the EdChoice Scholarship, the Ohio Department of Education website occasionally experiences issues. Contact for help.