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Planned Giving

Lake Garda Legacy Society
Investors in the Future of Beaumont School



The broad definition of legacy is something that is transmitted or received from an ancestor. A gift from the past that ensures the future. That’s how Beaumont views the  Lake Garda Legacy Society – as good ancestors who are invested in future generations of  Beaumont women. Since 1850, Beaumont has been educating young women in the Ursuline tradition to be change agents for a world that needs them now more than ever.

Beaumont women are challenged in all the right ways. They know who they are. As an Ursuline International Baccalaureate World School, they explore and develop a passion that burns within and guides them as they go out to change the world. Your generosity through a planned gift ensures the future for young women who seek an intellectually engaging, student-centered experience that focuses on the whole student – mind, body and spirit.

The Lake Garda Legacy Society is essential to Beaumont’s future. When you become a member,  you will receive benefits that include:

  • Annual Reception
  • Regular insider updates from the President
  • Annual Recognition in a variety of formats

Talking to your advisor about your estate plan is the best place to start. You should consult with your attorney to obtain legal counseling and tax advice regarding the appropriateness of a gift. For a review of the ways to give, click here to read our full brochure.

For more information, please contact the Advancement Office at 216.325.7374 or If you have already designated Beaumont School in your estate plans, please contact us so we can acknowledge you as a partner in our mission and express our appreciation for your commitment to our future.

We thank you for prayerfully considering such a meaningful gift to Beaumont’s endowment.