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Beaumont Alumna Offers Free Anti-Racism Education Series

Posted on June 28, 2020 in Articles

Beaumont Alumna Offers Free Anti-Racism Education Series

Beaumont Alumna, Jaelle Croom '12, for her free anti-racism education series offered through her business. She has a Masters in French, and has lived in France teaching English.

The series has no political affiliation, endorsement, ads, or affiliation with larger organizations of any kind. It is created by a group of academics passionate about combating intolerance.

The topics change weekly. The series will look at historical and cultural facts about America. Experts will be giving presentations on culture, history, psychology, and even photography.

Recordings of the live-sessions will be available on Youtube and IGTV if you are unable to attend the live event.

Sign up for the lessons here.