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Resident Artist Stanka Kordic Retires from Beaumont after 29 years

Posted on July 9, 2020 in Articles

Resident Artist Stanka Kordic Retires from Beaumont after 29 years

Congratulations to our Resident Artist, Stanka Kordic, on her retirement from Beaumont after 29 years. Please see her open letter to the Beaumont community.

I turned in my keys today. I walked the campus and visited my favorite spots around Lake Garda. Touched the walls of my studio home for the last 29 years. It was pretty emotional. Still is.

The Spirit of Place has always been a powerful thing for me. The Spirit of Beaumont is something else entirely.

I grew up there. Found my professional calling within those stone walls with Sr. Lucia leading the way for me, as she always did since my own high school years. I was privileged to work with an incredible team of creative teachers in Fine Arts over these years, each person bringing a new dimension to my own art practice. Lisa’s amazing singing angels so often within earshot, adding to the vibe. I leave our artists in the best of hands.

ALL of you have touched me more than you know. Your kindness, prayers, commitment to our students inspired me so much. I became a teacher myself, learning from you.

And the oh so magical maintenance department. How many times did you lend a hand for the countless things I needed over the years. And boy how many times did I lock myself out, and one of you had to walk allll that way to let me in. I did it again during this epic move!

Some of you may may remember when our son Luke was born, and I actually thought bringing him to work with me would be a good idea. The honorary Beaumonster, walking thru the school when he attended Ruffing to get to my studio. What I would give to have him walk through again. (He’s in LA, pursuing his doctorate at USC in Molecular Biology. Those prenatal vitamins worked)

And speaking of science..Gretchen Santo, remember when you saved me from a horrid allergic episode? Yes she did.

Well, I can go on. I have so many memories.

In case you’re wondering, I have moved my studio a 4 min walk from our home in Bedford to my husband’s beloved childhood house. A whole other kind of Spirit in this Place. I still hear my hawks, see deer in the yard. No blue heron here, but maybe..there was one who came to our garden a few years ago..lol. My in laws were wonderful people. I can feel their presence with me as I work. There’s no end to how blessed I am.

Also...I plan on coming back. My aunt Rose can’t stop baking, and there’s no way my husband and I can polish off the quantities she makes. Not to mention, Visiting Artist is not out of the question. I need those kids more than they’ll ever need me.

So friends, this is just see you later. Know that I will always keep you close in my heart, and in my prayers.

With much gratitude-