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Mary Jo Paulett Toumert ’75: 2023 Beaumont Award Recipient

Posted on July 27, 2023 in Articles

Mary Jo Paulett Toumert ’75: 2023 Beaumont Award Recipient
Mary Jo Paulett Toumert ’75: 2023 Beaumont Award Recipient
Mary Jo Paulett Toumert ’75: 2023 Beaumont Award Recipient
Mary Jo Paulett Toumert ’75: 2023 Beaumont Award Recipient
Mary Jo Paulett Toumert ’75: 2023 Beaumont Award Recipient

When it comes to exceptional education and empowering young women, Beaumont School stands out as a beacon of excellence. You need look no further for proof of this transformative power than in our alumnae, including this year’s Beaumont Award recipient, Mary Jo Paulett Toumert ’75. Mary Jo is an experienced employment and business lawyer and a longtime supporter of Beaumont School.

An Inspiring Career of Service Mary Jo's path to success is nothing short of inspiring. After graduating from Beaumont School, she attended Miami University and obtained her J.D. from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. Throughout her professional life, Mary Jo has represented private companies, not-for-profits, and government entities on various legal matters, including employment discrimination, wage and hour issues, and business disputes.

Her illustrious career highlights include serving as the Vice President of Legal Affairs for Great Lakes Cheese, where she provided invaluable guidance on legal matters and played an integral role in the company’s success. Her expertise and dedication earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and advocate.

Compassionate Leadership as a Guiding Force

Mary Jo’s accomplishments extend beyond her legal career, and it’s her remarkable journey of contributing time and bestowing her talents to Beaumont that lead to her being named this year’s Beaumont Award recipient. Going back to the late 90’s, Mary Jo offered Beaumont insights and expertise on HR matters. She joined the Board of Directors in 2009, serving as Chair of the Development Committee, becoming the Board Chair in 2012. Mary Jo steered the Board and Beaumont through important years of strategic planning and campus development, culminating with the $9.5 Million Advancing Excellence Campaign and construction of the STEM wing. Even after her conclusion on the Board, Mary Jo continued to serve by chairing the search committee for Beaumont’s first lay President, our current President Wendy Hoke. Her enthusiasm for Beaumont continues to this day with her support of our latest Heart of Beaumont Campaign.

“Mary Jo is a rare awardee who deserves recognition for all three Beaumont Award categories: leadership, service and philanthropy,” said President Hoke. “She remains an engaged stakeholder as I and the Board look to the future, and with her husband Mo Toumert, has been a longstanding and generous philanthropic partner.” One of the hallmarks of Beaumont School is the strong sense of community it fosters. Mary Jo vividly remembers her time as a student, cherishing the laughter that echoes through the school’s walls. It was a place where she thrived academically, played sports, and participated in school plays. Beaumont provided an environment where she could grow, learn, and discover her unique abilities. The camaraderie among the students and the dedicated faculty created a support network that extended far beyond graduation.

The influence of the dedicated sisters and teachers at Beaumont School left an indelible mark on Mary Jo’s life. Sister Maureen Grady, OSU, recognized her leadership potential and reminded her of the impact she could have on others. This lesson in leadership and the importance of treating others with kindness and humanity have guided Mary Jo throughout her personal and professional endeavors.

“Beaumont taught me the value of friendship,” said Mary Jo. “I have so many great memories with my friends from here and as it has carried on throughout our lives. Almost all include laughter and lively conversation. We learned together how to live as women in a changing world. We taught each other grace and tolerance and feminism.”

A Legacy Driven by Education

As part of the three-generation Paulett family legacy, Mary Jo exemplifies all things Beaumont. Her mother, Margaret Martin Paulett ’46, was a member of the first class to graduate from the Cleveland Heights campus and instilled in her and her brothers and three sisters the importance of education. Her sisters are also Beaumont graduates: Margaret Paulett Lubis ’78, Kathy Paulett Sberna ’80, Suzanne Paulett Richter ’90. Her nieces have attended Beaumont, with several here currently: Katie Paulett ’05, Briana Paulett ’18, Elizabeth Paulett ’24, Rachel Paulett ’24, and Maggie Richter ’25.

An Evening of Celebration During this year’s gala event, Mary Jo was presented the Beaumont Award by President Hoke. “It has been hard for me to separate this award from mom, Margie Martin Paulett ’46. She loved Beaumont and spent many of her favorite days on this campus. She worked hard to make sure her daughters had a Beaumont education. And though she didn’t always understand the changing world and the opportunities it offered us, she was confident that Beaumont would prepare us for what was to come. She would be proud tonight. But not just of me. She would be proud of all her kids and grandkids and their accomplishments,” said Mary Jo. “How amazing this life can be if we are open to the gifts offered to us. And Beaumont has been one of life’s best gifts.”