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Fathers' Club

We invite all fathers, guardians, uncles, grandfathers, and friends of Beaumont students and alumnae to join us at our meetings and events. The girls benefit greatly from your commitment to their academic lives.

Join us for the Chili Cook-Off, Saturday, February 3, 6 - 8:00 pm. Register here.

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Join Beaumont Fathers' Club

Enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of the Beaumont Fathers' Club. The Fathers' Club provides significant benefits to its members and their families.  Our main goal is to provide the school with financial contributions which are used to provide student scholarships and also support school projects identified and established in collaboration with the school administration.

The Fathers' Club also provides volunteers for various school activities.

We will be using to send out messages so if you have not done so, e-mail Mr. Crawford at and he will send you the link.

You should also join the Beaumont Fathers’ Club by filling out the following form and we will send you more information. Father's Club.