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Mother's Club

The Beaumont Mothers' Club is a participating and vital contributor to the school. Established in 1953, the Club has provided service and support to staff and students alike through a variety of events.

Here is some advice for parents of Freshmen, from the Mothers' Club.

Beaumont School's mission is to educate young women for life, leadership and service. Mothers are their daughters’ most significant role models. The Mothers’ Club encourages all Mothers and Guardians to be present for their daughters as a model of leadership and service.

All Beaumont Mothers and Guardians are considered Mothers' Club Members, and are encouraged and welcome to participate in the group, however they can.

The Mothers' Club promotes the on-going efforts of the School by:

  • Supporting the existing Beaumont community
  • Sustaining and increasing enrollment for the future, and
  • Promoting the education of women in life, leadership and service.