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Weekly Menu

Monday, May 24th       

Cous Cous and quinoa Greek bowl

                Israeli couscous and quinoa tossed with EVOO and fresh herbs, diced grilled chicken, feta cheese, cucumbers, and black olives. 


Tuesday, May 25th

Egg and tofu fried rice (vegetarian/gluten free)

                Rice quickly stir-fried with scrambled egg, diced tofu, spring onions, and chili.


Wednesday, May 26th

Grilled turkey, ham, and cheese on sourdough.

                Thick cut sourdough bread stuffed with in-house sliced ham, turkey, Swiss, and provolone cheeses; served with fresh fruit.


Thursday, May 27th

Pierogies w/ melted onions and sour cream (vegetarian)

                Dumplings stuffed with potato and cheese then tossed with sautéed onions and served with sour cream.


Friday, May 21st  

   The kitchen is closed today for both breakfast and lunch!  If you will be needing food or beverages, please bring these items from home!




Salad of the week:  

Spinach apple walnut salad

               Baby spinach tossed with diced apples, toasted walnuts, sliced red onion, shredded cheddar, and crumbled bacon; your choice of dressing. (CONTAINS WALNUTS!)



Sandwich of the week:

Turkey and hummus flatbread

                 Grilled pita bread spread with homemade hummus, sliced turkey, cucumber, tomato, and crumbled goat cheese.




Specialty cookie of the week: White chocolate macadamia nut (CONTAINS NUTS!!)


Specialty Beaumont muffin of the week: White chocolate cinnamon


Specialty bagel of the week:  Everything


Scratch Dressing: Soy peanut vinaigrette/Caesar



So long! Farewell! Aufwiedersehn! Goodbye!


Our Pure Leaf Tea option for the rest of the year is just: Sweet Tea