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The Merici Center for Success

Posted on December 13, 2022 in Articles

The Merici Center for Success
The Merici Center for Success
The Merici Center for Success

This past summer you could feel the excitement coming from Beaumont’s academic support wing. Through the support of a generous donor, an entirely new learning space supporting our students with learning differences was created. And as the new school year began, the newly renovated Merici Center for Success was revealed.

Sue Barnett, Academic Support Department Chair, could not contain her joy for this new space and eagerly anticipated the reaction from her students. “The Merici Center for Success will provide our students with opportunities to collaborate and support each other. This space will give our students agency, action, and ownership over their learning.”

The design of the space includes desks that can be written on, as well as white boards so that students can work through their thoughts, equations, sentences, or other tasks that require them to “think out loud.” Additionally, furniture, lighting, sound, technology, and ergonomics – in concert with each other – create an atmosphere where students facing issues ranging from dyslexia to clinical anxiety can thrive.

The path from the modular unit located in the Fairmount parking lot in the 1980s to today’s state-of-the-art learning space, wasn’t always clear. Through St. Angela’s teaching “Carry on courageously and faithfully the work you have undertaken.” (Introduction to the Counsels), Sue Barnett was inspired to keep the faith. Today St. Angela’s counsel is proudly displayed on the wall as a reminder of all the hard work over the past 25 years.

“The Merici Center for Success validates what I have chosen to do as a career. I have been grateful every step of the way and when you love teaching it doesn’t matter where you are. This space will allow the program to continue to grow into the future.”

In celebration of the new space, current students, alumnae and families, were invited to help christen the new Merici Center for Success and tour the space. One parent of a graduate remarked, “Working with the academic support faculty provided my daughter the opportunity to manage her education and taught her how to advocate and communicate with her teachers. It helped her identify the strategies for success necessary to adapt and learn in college.” And success is exactly what these students have had. Beaumont’s academic support graduates have 100% college acceptance. This is a true testament to the courage and hard work given everyday by Sue Barnett and her team.

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