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Faculty & Staff


Lisa Andreani Chief Financial Officer Email
Michele Bernot Assistant Principal of Student Affairs Email
Nick Beyer Principal Email
Barbara Brown Director of Marketing Email
Tim Ertle Athletic Director Email
Wendy Hoke President Email
Eileen McCann Chief of Staff Email
Sr. Cheryl Mentkowski Mission Integration Director Email
Jennifer Nye Director of Enrollment Management Email

Academic Support Services

Sue Barnett* Intervention Specialist Email
Kolleen Gregorio Intervention Specialist Email


Kaitlyn Carmel Assistant Director of Enrollment Management Email
Kristin Krebs '93 Marketing Associate Email
Julie Olack Marketing and Enrichment Coordinator Email


Susan Ancheta '95 Philanthropy Data Analyst Email
Molly Barna Alumnae Relations Manager Email
Theresa Day Director of Alumnae Relations and Reunion Giving Email


Courtney Young '06 Assistant Athletic Director Email

Campus Ministry

Sue Riley Campus Ministry Email

Computer Science

Sr. Ann Wojnar Computer Science Email

Dining Room

Ryan "Bo" Mueller Chef/Food Service Manager Email
Kim Paduano Dining Room Assistant Email
Paulina Rudmann Dining Room Assistant Email


Kate Bernardo English/Drama Email
Wendy Bihuniak* English Email
Anna Bobby English Email
Michael Larsen English Email
Christina Vitatoe English Email


Erika Gofman Accounts Receivable Email
Carrie Liber Director of Human Resources Email
Amber Lupardus '02 Controller Email

Fine Arts

Helene Dovishaw Fashion Email
Sally Hudak* Art Email
Lisa Litteral* Music Email
Kristen Lo Presti Art Email


Mary Durkalski-Ina '07 Director of College Guidance Email
Alicia McLean 11/12 Counselor, Dir. Of Guidance Email
Christy Salata 9/10 Guidance Counselor Email

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Ann Hoelzel Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs Email


Larry Austin Maintenance Email
Elba Bayan Maintenance Email
Robert Dabrowski Maintenance Email
Scott Keil Facilities Director Email
Kevin O'Grady Maintenance Email
Scott Tagliarini Facilities Manager Email
Joe Ertter Maintenance Email


Erika Emch Math Email
Tatyana Bricker Math Email
Tara Limestoll Math/Pre-Engineering Email
Stephanie Moran* Math Email
Mike Pettek Math Email

Office Staff

Christina Fink Academic Office Coordinator Email
Laura Marcheggiani Executive Assistant to Principal & AD Email

Physical Education & Health

Lena Feduolova PE/Health Email
Roberta Gigis Health Aide Email


Rebecca Hamrick Science Email
Samiha Iskander Science Email
Simon Masters* Science Email
Maggie Mueller Science Email
Gretchen Santo Science/Academic Scholars Email

Social Studies

Robert Crawford* Social Studies Email
Olivia Murdock Social Studies Email
Alison Sukys Social Studies Email


Cindy Campbell* Theology Email
Gail Mastrangelo Theology Email
Martin Steward Theology Email

World Language

Fernanda Goldberg World Language Email
John Michael Langa* World Language Email
Erin O'Bryan World Language Email
Alice Pamies World Language Email

* Department Chair