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Pre-Engineering gives young women the time to explore, design, create and innovate.


Women comprise more than half of the world’s population and yet they only comprise about 28 percent of our nation’s science and engineering labor force.  A male-centric view of science is just that--male-centric. Increasingly, we are just beginning to understand the contributions of women in science and technology. Fundamentally, we believe that the creativity, innovation and perspective of women in science, engineering, math and technology are critical to advance our world. That’s why we invested in a $9.5 million STEM addition to Beaumont School. Opening in January 2015, it provides us with state-of-the-art labs, maker space and classrooms to support our rigorous curriculum.

Beaumont’s Pre-Engineering Program introduces students to the scope, rigor and discipline of engineering. In addition to a two-year engineering course (IB Design Technology) participants concentrate on science, math and computer science in their course selections.

Through programs such as Pre-Engineering, Beaumont is preparing young women to pursue STEM fields with confidence.

Women remain underrepresented in the science engineering workforce. According to National Science Foundation, Science and Engineering Indicators, 2018 report, women comprise: 

  • 12.5% of aerospace and aeronautical engineers
  • 26.9% of biomedical engineers
  • 22.5% of chemical engineers
  • 32.4% of chemists
  • 19.5% of civil, architectural, and sanitary engineers
  • 26.4% of computer and mathematical scientists
  • 10.0% of electrical and computer hardware engineers
  • 33.3% of environmental engineers
  • 18.3% of industrial engineers
  • 8.6%   of mechanical engineers
  • 20.0% of nuclear engineers
  • 18.4% of physicists and astronomers

Goals of Beaumont’s pre-engineering program are to:

  • Expose students to opportunities in the field of engineering
  • Develop the engineering thought processes of design and problem-solving in the context of real-world situations
  • Develop the transferable skills of teamwork, public speaking, technical writing, etc.
  • Encourage girls to consider enrolling in undergraduate engineering programs
  • Prepare program participants for success in undergraduate engineering programs

Engineering Requirements

Students participating in the Pre-Engineering Program must complete the following requirements in addition to Beaumont's graduation requirements:

  • Computer Science - Must include Computer Science Principles and Programming/Robotics or other approved course.
  • Pre-Engineering - Must include IB Design Technology I & II, *IB Design Tech SL/HL I (counted as .5 Comp. Sci. & .5 Fine Art) * IB Design Tech HL II (counted as 1 credit in Science)
  • Math - Must include Math IV, IB Math Studies, or IB Mathematics

Additional Requirements: Students will work with an engineering mentor for Junior Shadowing and Project REAL. In addition, they must participate in at least one engineering presentation or conference per year.

Beaumont also offers a variety of experiential opportunities in engineering, including Robotics Team, Engineering Club and BeauTech.