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Studio Art

Our four-year program results in a portfolio for admission to art school or college.

Studio Art
Studio Art
Studio Art
Studio Art
Studio Art

The Studio Art Program at Beaumont is long established and unique to the Cleveland area. A four-year art program for the talented and motivated student, the Studio Art Program enables students to study under the guidance of faculty, who are all practicing artists, and an internationally recognized artist-in-residence. This four-year program leads to the preparation of a portfolio for admission to art school or college programs in various art specialties and a senior exhibition similar to a Bachelor of Fine Arts show. Students will develop skills in the areas of drawing, design, photography, painting and sculpture.

The goals of the Beaumont Studio Art Program

1. Understand and apply the elements of art and principles of design.

2. Develop their own personal, creative language and be able to communicate ideas through their art.

3. Practice critical analysis of own works as well as the works of others.

4. Gain a spiritual connection to their art and creative self.

5. Interact with the greater arts community through gallery and museum visits and art competitions.

6. Prepare work for exhibition and participate in the annual Fine Arts Review.

7. As a senior, document their art and prepare a portfolio for art school and college application and scholarship purposes.

Studio Art Requirements

  • Studio Art I (1)
  • Studio Art II (1)
  • Studio Art III (1)
  • Honors Art IV: Sculpture Seminar (.5)
  • Honors Art IV: Painting/Major Works Seminar (.5)