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Beaumont Giving Societies


In honor of our founding and history in 1850, we have established Beaumont Giving Societies to celebrate individuals who value devotion to the Beaumont sisterhood and recognize the value of an Ursuline education.

Your support provides an extraordinary high school experience building on the tradition that dates to 1850.  Donate to Beaumont’s Annual Fund and ensure our Beaumont legacy for generations to come.

Beaumont Giving Societies:

  • Presidents’ Society:  $5,000 and up

  • 1850 Society:  $1,500 to $4,999

  • Brescia Society:  $500 to $1,4999

  • The Company of St. Angela:  $100 to $499

  • Young Alum Giving Society:  $25 (2007 – 2022)