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Beaumont Career Day 2024

Posted on April 19, 2024 in Articles

Beaumont Career Day 2024
Beaumont Career Day 2024

On Friday, April 19, Beaumont welcomed 23 alumnae back to Beaumont’s campus for Career Day 2024! Career Day, a tradition begun by Director of Guidance Alicia McLean in 2013, continues to be a source of inspiration for hundreds of Beaumont students. Students spent their mornings in small group sessions with presenters whose careers they found intriguing and ended their day with an engaging panel discussion and a question-and-answer segment brimming with favorite Beaumont stories, both sentimental and funny. Notably, panelists remarked numerous times on the lasting power of the Beaumont sisterhood. They also each reflected on the powerful presence of leadership and service in their adult lives. Truly, our Beaumont alumnae are the living embodiment of Beaumont’s mission. We are so proud and grateful.


Evette Jackson “EJ” Clark, MD (Beaumont Class of 1983)

Employer: Cleveland Clinic

Position: Career Support Specialist-Lead

College Studies: Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Communications from Wright State University and Master’s of Education and Psychology from Cleveland State University

Bio: EJ wears many hats as an adjunct professor, author, domestic violence advocate, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. As a Career Support Specialist-Lead, EJ works within the Office of Nursing Education and Professional Development. She supports Patient Care Nursing Assistant’s (PCNA’s) through the Thrive program, which provides Individualized Life Infrastructure Support to address barriers to success. Her journey with the Cleveland Clinic dates over 10 highly successful years.

Emma Knoth Farrell (Beaumont Class of 2005)

Employer: U.S. Center for SafeSport

Position: Investigator

College Studies: Bachelor’s Degree in English and Theater from Boston College and Master’s in Social Work and JD

Bio: Emma investigates cases of sexual, physical, and emotional misconduct within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement. She has been working for SafeSport for two and a half years and in this field for seven years. Emma currently resides in New York City.

Carolyn Monastra (Beaumont Class of 1984)

Employer: Nassau Community College

Position: Photography Teacher/Freelance Photographer

College Studies: Bachelors in English from Fordham University and MFA in Photography from Yale School of Art

Bio: Carolyn has been teaching photography for over 25 years and has been faculty at Nassau Community College since 2005. She has also worked as a freelance photographer. Her current art practice focuses on climate concerns. Her websites are:,, and

Lauren King Nadaud (Beaumont Class of 2005)

Employer: Cleveland Clinic- Corporate Financial Planning

Position: Finance Director

College Studies:

Bio: Lauren spent the first four years of her career in Chicago and New York working for Ernst & Young in Audit services. She moved back to Cleveland and worked as a Portfolio Manager for Huntington National Bank. In 2016, she began working for Cleveland Clinic in its corporate Financial Planning Department. In this role, she is responsible for managing the enterprise’s long range financial forecast, planning process strategy and evolution, performance management reporting, and analytics teams. She has been in the workforce for 14 years.

Katie Coyne (Beaumont Class of 2006)

Employer: University Hospitals

Position: Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility

College Studies: Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in Medical Sciences, Medical Doctorate

Bio: Katie is board certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology and sub-specializes in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. She has been in the workforce for 7 years.

Caroline Bacevice Molnar LPCC, PMH-C (Beaumont Class of 2013)

Employer: The Cole Center

Position: Mental Health Therapist

College Studies: Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Ohio State University and Master’s of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Cleveland State University. Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC).

Bio: Caroline works as a Mental Health Therapist for a Private Practice called The Cole Center. She has five years of counseling under her belt and has been in her current role for two and a half years. She specializes in adjustment disorders, relational concerns, and has just recently received additional certification in perinatal mental health.

Alyssa Muttillo (Beaumont Class of 2015)

Employer: Nestle Prepared Foods

Position: Supervisor/Project Engineer for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

College Studies: Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Dayton

Bio: Alyssa works as a Maintenance Supervisor for Nestle Distribution Centers in both Solon and Streetsboro. She has been in her current role for four years.

Sr. Erin Zubal, OSU (Beaumont Former Staff)

Employer: NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

Position: Chief of Staff

College Studies: Masters degree in Social Work Administration from Case Western Reserve and a Masters in Educational Administration from Ursuline College

Bio: Sr. Erin is an Ursuline Sister of Cleveland and formerly Beaumont School’s Athletic Director. She has been in her new role as Chief of Staff at NETWORK for two and a half years and is the first person to serve in this position. Sr. Erin has served for 15 years as a social worker and educator in Catholic elementary and high schools in Cleveland.

Sydney Cira (Beaumont Class of 2014)

Employer: Cleveland Clinic

Position: Endocrinology Nurse Practitioner

College Studies: RN/BSN from Mount Carmel College of Nursing and FNP from University of Cincinnati

Bio: Sydney works as an Endocrinology Nurse Practitioner for the Cleveland Clinic. She has five years of experience as a Registered Nurse and one year of experience as a Nurse Practitioner.

Kelly Gehrs Engstrom (Beaumont Class of 1998)

Employer: Nate Berkus Associates & Entertainment

Position: Director of Operations

College Studies: Bachelor’s in Communications from Fordham University

Bio: Kelly works as the Director of Operations for author/interior designer/TV personality Nate Berkus. Her career field is very multifaceted as she takes on a lot of roles such as: celebrity personal/executive chief of staff; interior design operations/project management; entertainment/production; digital management. She has worked with Nate since 2010.

Emma Kozan Hudepohl (Beaumont Class of 2005)

Employer: Owner of Hudepohl Kozan Dentistry

Position: Owner/ Dentist

College Studies: Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology from Miami University/ Dental School at Ohio State University/ Residency at the Cleveland Clinic

Bio: Emma is a general dentist and has worked in both private practice and public health, specifically school-based dentistry. She owns her own business, Hudepohl Kozan Dentistry, located in Willoughby, Ohio. She has been a dentist for 11 years and she and her husband started their business together four years ago.

Mary Martin Pfeiff (Beaumont Class of 2016)

Employer: Hornbeck Offshore

Position: Merchant Mariner (Civilian) / 2nd mate / Dynamic Positioning Operator

College Studies: Marine Transportation Bachelor of science from Maine Maritime Academy

Bio: Mary works in the Maritime/ Oil and gas industry. She has been with her current employer for two years but has been in the maritime industry for three and a half years.

Annie Bacevice (Beaumont Class of 1989)

Employer: Rainbow Babies and Children's hospital

Position: Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician/ Co-Director of the Pediatric Trauma Center

College Studies: Bachelor’s and MD from Case Western Reserve University

Bio: Annie is currently a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. In addition to caring for patients, she is also the Co-Director of their Pediatric Trauma Center. Annie has been at the hospital for almost 17 years.

Tricia Hanna Slemc (Beaumont Class of 1993)

Employer: St. Dominic School

Position: 5th Grade Social Studies & Religion Teacher/ Assistant Principal

College Studies: Bachelor’s of Science in Education from Ohio University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Ursuline College

Bio: Tricia is an elementary school teacher as well as assistant principal at St. Dominic School. She helps the principal in this role with a variety of tasks and serves as an instructional coach for other teachers at St. Dominic. Tricia has worked at St. Dominic for 10 years but has an additional six years of experience in a classroom.

Veronica Garofoli (Beaumont Class of 2006)

Employer: Schneider Smeltz Spieth Bell LLP

Position: Attorney

College Studies: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Political Science from Elmhurst University and Juris Doctorate Degree from Cleveland State University College of Law

Bio: Veronica is an associate attorney at a law firm in Downtown Cleveland called Schneider Smeltz Spieth Bell LLP. Her practice is focused on probate and trust law, which encompasses both litigation and estate planning. She has been practicing law for almost 10 years.

Capricia Penavic Marshall (Beaumont Class of 1982)

Employer: FGS Global, CPM Global Engagement Strategies

Position: Partner, President/CEO, Former Chief of Protocol of the United States

College Studies: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Studies from Purdue University and Juris Doctorate Degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Bio: Capricia is a published author, a CEO, a consultant, advisor, and a leader. She has had multiple experiences over the course of her career that have been influential and uplifting. She began her career as a special assistant to the First Lady of the United States. She then worked in The White House as the Deputy Assistant to the President. In 2009, she was a senior United States government representative as the Chief of Protocol of the United States. She held this title until 2013. Presently, Capricia remains involved as a Pine Island Advisory Partner, an Ambassador-in-Residence for the Atlantic Council, the President, CEO, and Founder of CPM Global Management Strategies, and a Partner for FGS Global.

Lauren Hozian Liberatore (Beaumont Class of 2017)

Employer: Keller Williams Realty

Position: Realtor

College Studies: Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University

Bio: Lauren previously worked as a Social Worker for Geauga County Job and Family Services for two years. She eventually followed her passion for working in the real estate industry. She currently works as a licensed Realtor for Keller Williams where she serves buyers and sellers across Northeast Ohio.

Rana Jenkins Brown (Beaumont Class of 1989)

Employer: Beaumont School

Position: Director of Finance

College Studies: Bachelor’s Degree in finance from Miami University and Master’s of Business Administration from Bowling Green State University

Bio: Rana has worked as an accountant for over 30 years. In the last 16 years, she has been involved in non-profit/education. She currently works here, at Beaumont School, as our Director of Finance and started in October of 2023.

Mel Lauer (Beaumont Class of 2006)

Employer: Google

Position: DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) Insights Specialist

College Studies: Double Major in Communications & Psychology from Boston College

Bio: Mel works in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in technology at the Boulder, Colorado office for Google. She has worked for Google for seven years and has held her current title as Insights Specialist for nearly two years.

Tenille Jones Kaus (Beaumont Class of 1998)

Employer: The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland

Position: Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Advancement

College Studies: Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Social Work and a Juris Doctorate from The University of Akron

Bio: Tenille is a licensed attorney working in the public interest field, as an executive at a law firm. Tenille currently serves as the Chief Diversity Officer, ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the center of everything for her clients and employees. Tenille first experienced DEI work as a student at Beaumont in student clubs, including Students Together Opposing Prejudice (STOP). She now has 19 years of experience in this field.

Monique Ozanne (Beaumont Class of 2005)

Employer: Beam Suntory

Position: Director, North America, DEI

College Studies: Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Ohio University and Juris Doctor from Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Bio: Monique is a communications and marketing leader who directs integrated communications programs that launch and establish brands, deepen the consumer experience, and drive growth. Monique is responsible for promoting diversity and inclusion across the organization. She has been in her current position for nearly three years.

Alexandra Primisch (Beaumont Class of 2010)

Employer: Allieprim Art & LoFaso Real Estate Services

Position: Artist/Designer/Owner & Growth Coordinator

College Studies: Bachelor of Arts in Studio/Fine Arts from Baldwin Wallace University and Certified Health/Wellness Coach

Bio: Allie is a Growth Coordinator at LoFaso Real Estate Services which handles business in marketing, design, and communications. She has been in this role for two years. She is also an active and successful Artist/Designer and Curator in the Cleveland area art scene. She has been running her own business- Allieprim Art- Since 2016. In 2021, Allie received her certificate as a Health and Wellness Coach, as well. She loves the Studio Arts program here at Beaumont and remembers it fondly!

Nicolette Noce (Beaumont Class of 2017)

Employer: Elle International

Position: Syndication Coordinator for Paris Magazine

College Studies: Bachelor’s in communications from John Carroll University

Bio: After graduating from John Carroll, Nicolette moved to Paris, France in February of 2022. She was an Au Pair for some time and then began working as an assistant in the digital graphics department at Elle International. She assisted in digital graphic projects and helped to promote the brand through storyboards. She now works at Elle International as a Syndication Coordinator. Her role in this position is to manage the sharing of content amongst various editions of magazines from around the world. She negotiates with photographers, models, and writers in order to gain the rights of republication.

Kayla Cousineau (Beaumont class of 2001)

Employer: OpinionRoute

Position: COO

College Studies: Bachelor’s degree in business/marketing from Xavier University and Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration from Xavier University

Bio: Kayla is currently the COO of OpinionRoute, which is a Cleveland-based company in the market research space (and is owned by a Beaumont Dad!). Her responsibilities range from leading project managers servicing clients to helping the product team improve tech. Kayla worked for 15 years in operations on the administrative side of healthcare/non-clinical. Two years ago she shifted to Market Research.