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College Applicant Checklist and Timeline

Junior Year – Second Semester

  • Complete course selection form for Senior Year Classes
  • Prepare for the ACT and SAT Tests. Test Prep Information: Ursuline Institute of Learning: Sr. Susan Rathbun, 440-449-1200 ext. 280 and Seeley Test Pros. www.seeleytestpros.com 
  • Register and take the SAT, SAT Subject Tests (if applicable) at www.collegeboard.com/testing
  • Register for the ACT Test at www.actstudent.org
  • Schedule individual college conferences with Ms. Grimaldi starting January 2019 
  • Attend college fairs, admission receptions and college open houses (List in Naviance)
  • Plan and visit colleges
  • Ask two teachers to write a recommendation and complete 
    (Forms In Naviance)
  • Complete autobiography for college counselor (includes a parent questionnaire) (Forms in Naviance)
  • Athletes should register with the NCAA Clearinghouse at www.ncaa.org


  • Plan and visit colleges
  • Write college essays
  • Complete personal resume in naviance

Senior Year – First Semester

  • Attend senior/parent college application workshop August30,2018
  • Meet with college representatives who visit Beaumont School  (List in Naviance)
  • Attend college fairs, admissions receptions and continue to visit colleges (List in Naviance)
  • Complete college applications and watch your deadlines 
  • Schedule and prepare for collegeinterview, if required  interview sheet (In Naviance)
  • Register to take and/or retake the  SAT, SAT Subject Tests (if applicable) at www.collegeboard.com/testing 
  • Register to take the ACT Test at www.actstudent.org 
  • Attend Financial Aid Meeting September 20, 2018
  • Acquire FAFSA ID at www.fsaid.ed.gov
  • Attend Financial Aid Workshop October11,2018
  • Complete FAFSA by deadline date at www.fafsa.ed.gov
  • Attend CSS Profile Workshop October 17th
  • Complete CSS Profile by deadline date at www.cssprofile.collegeboard.org
  • Search for private scholarships at www.fastweb.com
  • See Beaumont Scholarship Postings (List in Naviance)

Senior Year – Second Semester

  • Mid-year Report of senior grades are sent to colleges
  • Advise college counselor of acceptances, awards, and/or scholarships (bring in copies of acceptance and award letters to the guidance office)
  • Email a letter of thanks to colleges for their time and consideration if you are not going to attend their institution.
  • Submit your deposit to the college or university that you will be attending by the Candidate Reply Date, May 1st.
  • Beaumont will send your final transcript in June, to the college/university that you will attend in the fall.