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International Baccalaureate Dates, Deadlines and Information

Important Dates and Deadlines


IB Dates and Deadlines:

Beaumont IB Declaration Deadline (occurs in classes): Sept. 15

Beaumont IB Coordinator Registration Deadline: Oct. 15

IB External Registration Deadline: Nov. 15

IB Fee Due to Beaumont Finance Department: December 15

IB Partial Refund in Rare Circumstances Deadline: Jan. 15

Every student enrolled in an IB course at Beaumont is committed to the IB exam and accompanying fees as outlined in our handbook/policies.  In a rare and extraordinary circumstance, we may be able to secure a partial refund of the required IB exam fee if the IB coordinator is notified prior to Jan. 15.

Beaumont no-fee IB Score Request for College/University Deadline: Apr. 30

After the exam results are released in July, students will be able to request scores in their IBIS accounts for what is currently a $17 fee per transcript but is subject to change.

IB Exams at Beaumont generally begin the last week of April.